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Wine Bible Reflections

Was reading The Wine Bible ( and she had a quote under one of her captions that I thought was great: “Throughout its history, wine has always been a communal beverage. Drinking it implies sharing, generosity, and friendship. There’s a reason wine is rarely sold in single-serving containers.” It does call into question my “Go […]


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Want to be delighted by your wine club? First, know how you define value

If I’m going to take the time to create and update a site named, I must believe that finding the best wine club is a valuable endeavor. But my belief that this is true doesn’t make it true for you.  There is no shortage of high-profile naysayers who would disagree rather strongly. For example, […]


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Welcome to Best Wine Club . Org!

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As a longtime wine lover, I share a common experience with many wine enthusiasts: I’ve set out to find the perfect bottle of wine for dinner, a special occasion, or a party, and walked into my local grocery store to face shelves upon shelves of wine. Overwhelmed by the array of choices, with no basis […]


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