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i_celebrationswineclubCelebrations Wine Club features wine made by some of the most creative, innovative, and dedicated artisans in the wine business today. The company specializes in both Italian and Californian wines. Select from the artisan or winemaker series from either region, or opt for the Italian Collector Series, featuring acclaimed and highly rated collectible wines that age for 10 to 20 years or more. For those looking to mix up their selection, taste the best of both worlds with combination subscriptions, delivering delicious Californian and Italian wines.

Wines are selected from a huge variety of vineyards, many of them small-family owned wineries who are handcrafting a wide range of wines in small quantities. The company prides itself on choosing outstanding wines after many rounds of tasting and selection. Celebrations Wine Club features wines from the most renowned wine regions in California and Italy (Napa and Sonoma, Tuscany and Piedmont), but it also offers remarkably delicious wines from regions that are still considered hidden gems, like the Sierra Foothills and the south of Italy. The objective of Celebrations Wine Club is to make sure its wine clubs are the best possible, and club members agree that the selection of wine is remarkable and delicious.

Wines are shipped directly to you every month, along with a magazine-quality newsletter that includes wine reviews and exclusive interviews with winemakers. Each wine of the month newsletter also contains a special menu for the selected wines, perfect for those who cherish both gourmet wine and food and strive for excellent pairings. Wine club prices range from $39.99-114.99 per month, and wine is also available through the wine store’s warehouse sales, which run yearly and feature excellent Californian and Italian wine in limited supply.

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