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i_cvwineCoastal Vineyards features premiere, top-quality wine vintages, custom crafted by specialty winemakers primarily from the Paso Robles region on the California coast. With offerings from boutique wineries that are faithfully dedicated to the art of winemaking, Coastal Vineyards’ wine clubs present carefully selected, uniquely palatable wines delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you crave lush Cabernets or seductive Chardonnays, with nine wine clubs to choose from, there is a great option for every type of wine lover.

Choose from clubs showcasing Bordeauxs, Cabernets, Chardonnays, Merlots, Pinot Noirs, Syrahs, and Zinfandels. There’s even a Swine & Wine club, created in collaboration with Bacon Freak. You’ll receive great California wine with premium bacon each month–sounds like hog heaven, doesn’t it? With the exception of the Bordeaux Wine Club, which features exceptional wines from French vineyards, all Coastal Vineyards wine club selections come from the Paso Robles and Santa Barbara regions. Each wine shipment includes two distinctly different and thoroughly unique bottles of wine, and Coastal Vineyards strives to introduce its members to amazing wines that have yet to be discovered. Wines are chosen and valued based on the reputation, artistry, and excellence of wineries, not on fancy labels or other marketing ploys. The company takes pride in discovering new, up-and-coming labels, and they promise that you’ll discover great wines ahead of the curve, right before they become famous. Wine memberships can be purchased in 3-month or 6-month increments, with a choice of one bottle or two bottles per shipment, delivered straight to your door.

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