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Naked Wines – Investable and Drinkable

i_nakedwinesNaked Wines offers a variation on the traditional wine club, featuring a credit-based model of wine purchasing instead of a subscription service. The company invests directly in winemakers, eliminating the need for investing in sales, marketing, fancy packaging, and other things you can’t taste. By diverting money away from unnecessary expenses, Naked Wines promises that you get more bang from your buck, and winemakers can spend more time creating amazing wines, rather than spending energy and resources on anything but delicious taste and quality!

Customers can become Angels by investing $40 per month into their Naked Wines “piggy bank” and in return, they receive 40 to 60 percent off all their orders, get free samples in each order worth more than $19.99, and can spend the money in their piggy bank whenever they’d like. Naked Wines features exclusive and delicious wines made by award-winning winemakers, and Angels are directly responsible for funding cool, indie winemakers making handcrafted products. Angels also receive access to Angel-only wines, Angel-only groups, and exclusive tastings with winemakers. Angels can cancel their Angel status at any time for any reason, and if there is any money remaining in their accounts, it will be refunded in full. There is an Angel-only priority hotline to help with anything at all.

Because Naked Wines is a customer-funded online wine retailer, the company devoted to customer happiness. The relationship of mutual trust and benefit between Naked Wines and customers is at the heart of the company’s mission. You can chat directly with the Naked Wines team, and you can even contact winemakers and provide feedback on your specific purchases. Customers are also welcome to buy wine by the bottle or by the case without signing up for the Angel program. A huge selection of wines is available, from robust California reds to crisp rose and white wines. Becoming an Angel costs $40/month, and Naked Wines stands by its money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Sound interesting? Receive $100 off a $160 order of 6 or more 750ml bottles of wine from Naked Wines. (First time customers only.)  Shop Now!

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