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i_theorganicwinecompanyThe Organic Wine Company was started in 1980 with a mission to share a passion for high quality, organic wine. As a pioneer of the organic wine industry, the company has championed the importance of organic viticulture for decades. Born and raised in the South of France, company founder and president Véronique Raskin comes from a tradition of innovative winemakers. By 1980, her grandfather, Pierre Fabre, was pioneering organic winemaking in the Languedoc region of France, and he converted the family property, known as “La Bousquette,” to organic methods. Véronique’s grandfather served as the inspiration for her own passion for organic wine. By 1980, Véronique had moved to San Francisco after reciving a Ph.D in psychology, getting married, and running a successful practice. She began to import the wines made at La Bousquette to California, linking her grandfather’s vision for new methods of wine production with an emerging interest in sustainably grown, organic viticulture.

Featuring wines that are handcrafted with care by small, artisan wineries, the Organic Wine Club carries exceptional labels that are organic, vegan, no-sulfite-added, and biodynamic. Great tasting organic wines are the perfect complement to organic and whole foods on your table. The company’s wine clubs are the perfect way to sample a variety of organic wine. Choose to receive a half or full case every three months, and be delighted by a handpicked selection of the finest organic wines in the world. Receive all red wines, or a mix of red and white bottles. As a wine club member, you will also receive early alerts on flash sales and exclusive offers for wine club members. Every wine carried by the company is certified as made from organically grown grapes, and they are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Discover the world of amazing organic wine, delivered straight to your door.

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