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i_tastingroomTasting Room is an innovative wine service that individually caters to your personal tastes, evolving as you rate and review wines in an initial tasting kit and each subsequent shipment you receive. Founded by sister company and online wine retailer Lot18, Tasting Room helps customers discover their personal tastes. Because the club focuses specifically on individual customers, you only drink wines you love. Discover the nuances of your palate with Tasting Room, and shop for new favorites, plus a wide range of wines from all over the world, at Lot18. Tasting Room works with some of the world’s best wine producers, and customers are continually discovering wines they love at great prices.

Revolutionizing the wine club concept, Tasting Room requires only six sips to change the way you enjoy wine. Here’s how it works: When you join Tasting Room, you’ll receive a tasting kit in the mail. Inside, you’ll find six wines in high-tech, freshness-preserving mini bottles. When you begin your tasting, you’ll log into the site, taste the wines in pairs, and follow the prompts on the screen. No wine expertise is required! The tasting prompts are designed to give insight into your personal preferences, including wines you don’t like.

You taste, Tasting Room listens! After your tasting is complete, Tasting Room will generate your Wine Profile. This customized profile is tailored specifically to you, and is used to select the wines for your next shipment. These wines come in regular-sized bottles, and match the preferences in your profile. As you enjoy the case of wine over time, make sure you come back to your Wine Profile to log your experiences, likes, and dislikes. The more information Tasting Room has about your preferences, the more wines you’ll receive that you love.

Shipments of 12 full-size bottles costs $149. A just little over $12 a bottle, the price is 40% off retail price. Shipments are delivered every three months, and customers have the ability to modify shipping dates or cancel membership at any time.

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