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i_uncorkedventuresUncorked Ventures provides exceptional wines from California, Washington, and Oregon. Founded by Matt Krause and Mark Aselstine, two brothers with a passion for food and wine, Uncorked Ventures sources many of its wines from small artisan producers, finding wines that are not readily available. Frequent travelers to wine country, the brothers have cultivated relationships with the region’s top winemakers. Customers reap the benefits of these close relationships, with access to high quality, limited production wines.

Uncorked Ventures offers three different wine clubs: Explorations, Special Selections, and Reserve Selections. The Explorations Club, at $40 per shipment, is consistently ranked as “one of the best cheap wine clubs around.” Customers receive over 90-point quality in every bottle while also scoring top value under $50. Featuring hidden gems discovered by Matt and Mark during their journeys through wine country, the Explorations Club is a perfect choice for those who want to expand their wine palate, or anyone who wants to receive great wine at great prices. Receive one bottle of red and one bottle of white, or request to receive two reds per month. The Special Selections Club, which includes two bottles of red wine per shipment, is ideal for those with a developed palate who want surprises, powerful flavors, and artisan-made, small batch wines. At $95 per shipment, the club also offers exceptional value. Finally, the Reserve Selections Wine Club includes selections of the most sought after wines, delivering the most impressive, collection-upgrading wines from the West Coast. You’ll talk about these standout wines for a long time! Receive two or three bottles per month for $195 per shipment.

Wine club benefits also include a 15% discount on all wine club reorders, first dibs on all special selections and last call wines, and a monthly newsletter with tasting tips and more. These additional benefits are associated with all membership levels. No matter which club you choose, you will receive exceptional, hard-to-find wines made by artisan winemakers. Even better, you’ll receive great value combined with the highest quality wines.

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