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Virgina Wine of the Month Club

i_vawineFor 25 years, the Virginia Wine of the Month Club has introduced members to a wide array of impressive wines, all produced in Virginia. When the club began, Virginia had only 34 wineries, while today there are over 200 flourishing wineries across the state. The Virginia Wine of the Month Club is proud to work alongside both new and established wineries to bring its consumers the finest wine available. With unparalleled expertise and a history of selecting top wines, you’ll find both excellence and craftsmanship in this club’s wines. Wine is selected through an expert tasting panel, which includes the former President of the Virginia Wine Growers Association, and other seasoned wine professionals with comprehensive expertise in the Virginia wine industry. The club offers outstanding sampler packages, perfect for tasting a variety of the finest wines throughout Virginia.

Wine memberships offer exceptional wines at tremendous value, with prices ranging from $23.95 per month to $111.95 per month. Receive one, two, three, four, six, or eight bottles each month in any combination that suits your taste–all red, all white, all sweet, or a variety. Payment can be made upfront, or on a monthly basis–whichever is more convenient for you. Subscriptions can also be given as gifts, with easy gift shipment and delivery options. Better yet, give one as a gift and give one to yourself! All members also receive a subscription to The Virginia Wine Journal, as well as recipes from each vineyard, written by the executive chef or the owner. Wine club members also have the opportunity to repurchase wines from previously shipments at great prices. Discover the amazing wines from Virginia through the Virginia Wine of the Month Club and stock your cellar with new favorites.

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