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Why do we ask?

Finding the best wine club is hard work.  We want to help.

Even if you’ve found the best wine club, it may not necessarily delivery to your state.

Delivery of alcohol is regulated by each state in America individually.  Most wine clubs use a set of agents within each state to give complete coverage but not all wine clubs or organizations can deliver to all states.  We found this very annoying to go through the website buying process, be ready to click the buy button and then be told that “we don’t deliver to your state.”

We tried to categorize each wine club by each state it delivers to so that you could select your state and see only the wine clubs that deliver there.

Understand that we’ve done this manually and clubs change their policies.  The final word is obviously the wine club itself.  If they say they deliver to a state and we don’t have it marked please let us know on the Contact Us page and we’ll update it.

Happy shopping!

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