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i_winebattlesGreat wine meets March Madness! Wine Battles is the world’s largest wine competition, and it relies on you, the club member to rate wines and watch the competition unfold in real time. Every Friday, at 6:30 pm Pacific time, club members open, decant, and rate two wines. Sixteen wines are in the competition, and over the course of 13 weeks, wines battle in a bracketed competition until a winner emerges. It’s a fun, interactive way to try new wines, and it’s popular for date nights, dinner parties, girls’ nights, and other social gatherings with friends, colleagues, and fellow wine lovers.

Wine is better when you share it, and the company’s Battle of the Month Clubs allow you to share, discuss, and watch the competition unfold. There’s a club for every type of wine lover and budget. Choose between the Red Battles, the White Battles, and the Red and White Battles, and then select level of club membership: Explorer Level for $49 monthly, Reserve Level for $79 monthly, or the Cellar Builder Level from $119 monthly. Each club shipment contains two bottles of wines ready for drinking, discovering, and discussing. Tasting notes, battle instructions, and voting sheets are also included with each shipment, and the Premium Membership comes with each and every club subscription. A premium membership gives customers access to an account, personal flavor profile, ability to rate favorite wines, and exclusive access to interact with club members and winemakers.

Wine Battles wines are selected through a rigorous process by an expert tasting team. As a result, each month you receive carefully curated vintages of great wine from small production wineries. Wine Battles memberships can be given as gifts, and are a great choice for newlyweds, family members, colleagues, and more. A membership to Wine Battles takes the wine club experience to the next level. Let the games begin!

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